Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I don’t need the reminder, thanks

This is not my dream, Mr. Crosby

Today, Bing Crosby told me his favorite dream. We are not on speaking terms, Bing and I, but he got up in my grill, as the kids say. How can I ever forget the moment?

There I was, pushing my cart along, searching for bulk commodities at an enormous food warehouse, and then out of nowhere, I’m walking past the sound of a voice crooning “I’m dreaming of a whiiiiite Christmas… just like the ones I used to knowwww.” I was momentarily stunned and distracted from my important quest for sliced apples with the thought “#$%^” and then the thought “but it was only Halloween and Thanksgiving at (that other store) today! I guess it really is colder on this side of town.” Alaskans don’t need or like to be reminded that snow is coming, so take your dream, Bing, and stuff it.

What’s the rush, I say. Either pace yourself with dignity, retailers, or just leave everything up all year. Need an Easter wreath in September? No problem, (store) has it on aisle 175, just shy of the St. Patrick’s Day edible glitter for your cupcakes and after you hit the Valentine’s Day throw pillows.

I want the dignity of enjoying autumn without thinking any of these three things: 1. how many hours it’s going to take to set up the Christmas tree, 2. what, oh what to buy for the in-laws, and 3. whether we should do a ham or turkey this year. It is getting colder, I admit. But that could be said for 9 months of the year here. I am trying in vain to live in the moment and merchants aren’t helping.

I don’t wear a coat yet (a vest doesn’t count). I haven’t put my bicycle away. The lawn still needs to be mowed (blech) and the dandelions are in bloom. So that means it is not Christmas, nor even Halloween.

My plants, for the most part, are still alive in their containers (albeit the favored ones are in the house because the piano movers came on Friday and everything in their path to the front door would have been demolished). My variegated Carex is still going strong after two summers outside and a winter in the house, so back in it came. My most expensive plant (grumble, mutter), the Phormium, also came inside. “Is this the final resting place for this octopus plant?” someone asked me yesterday. It is both a maroon curtain to the kitchen and a jump rope for the dining room. I haven’t decided if I will bring the dark-leaved Begonia into the house or it will die a sudden, cold death like the petunias and the orange Dahlia. But you get the point, right? It is barely autumn, let me have a minute more with my season!


Do you live in the moment? What holiday décor is up around your area?


  1. I am so with you! I'm not ready for Christmas nor its accompanying cold weather. It's much worse for you in Alaska, and I really shouldn't complain so much as my garden succumbs. On the other hand, I would hate to live in a state without seasons. Gardening all year round must be very tiring. P. x

  2. Here in Australia we are heading towards Summer with Christmas being in the hottest part of the year. Makes being asked to enjoy a white Christmas all the more ridiculous, but that doesn't stop them. We don't even get snow in Winter.

  3. @Pam's English Garden,
    Good point! I really do love having four seasons. I might wish for them to be more even though. We get a bit too much winter for my taste.


    I have only experienced one Christmas without snow. It was in Florida and it was divine. A little jarring and strange to see all the tinsel on palm trees, but absolutely divine.


  4. my garden is also in transit in pots, as we hope to move to False Bay thru November.
    And, in other news, our weatherman has promised us the last winter snow over the next 48 hours!

  5. Stores that do this kind of thing really annoy me. Why they feel the need to compete with the likes of Hobby Lobby and Michael's makes no sense. A shopper expects holiday crap at those stores but Costco? Come on people! But nobody asked me. Thankfully I am pretty good at ignoring stuff I don't need or want in my life.

    At this time of the year, I really, really feel the need to live in the moment and inhale every last drop of summer before it's gone and I'm starving for sunshine and warmth. I think you should tell your hubby you want a heated greenhouse for Christmas so your peeps don't trip over the phormium. Just sayin'...

  6. @Diana Studer
    Good luck with the move. Deciding which plants to keep and which to leave behind was a tough decision for me. Planning ahead and putting things in containers would have been smart. Why didn't I do that?


  7. @GRACE PETERSONYeah, a heated greenhouse would be much appreciated! Still tripping over the dumb Phormium. I can't move it into the living room until someone (I will name no names) paints the window trim. Hint: not me. Hope your summer is a long one!


  8. Three cheers for this great grumble! I call it "season creep" and hate it with a passion. It removes all meaning from the ritual year, such as it is. First comes Thanksgiving. (In Canada it is the second Monday in October)) Then Halloween. Then Remembrance Day. After November 11 merchants can start to push celebration of the Solstice Season, but not before. Grrrr.


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