About me

Christine B.-Anchorage, Alaska, USA, zone: 3ish

A few summers during college, I worked in the horticulture industry and had the pleasure of being in some of the most beautiful gardens in town (and picked up a botany minor on the way). Over the years, I have been drawn to lower maintainence plants like ornamental grasses and shrubs. Current collections include: rusty garden art, garden books on many topics, grasses, unusual trees and shrubs, mismatched, cheap gloves, Bergenias, and rocks of all sizes. The Master Gardener (2001-2002) class opened my eyes to the importance of sharing gardening with others.

Housing update: We are settled into our new abode near Hillside Drive and DeArmoun in the mid-Hillside area of town.  One acre of garden potential-yay!  And an acre of grass to mow, meanwhile-boo!

Even more recent housing update: We are still settled two years later. I really must work on developing a garden that includes more than a dozen pots on the porch!

Most recent housing update: Well, here we are these 7 years later. Slowly planting the front yard with drought tolerant prairie-type perennials. Still mowing way too much lawn. Note to self: Must rip up more lawn soon.

Garden task I love: planting containers, feeding slugs to my chicken named Duck

Garden task I dread: anything involving close contact with rose bushes or spruce trees...there will
be blood!

Garden tools I wouldn't be without: Felco pruners for lefties, plastic tub for trimmings, garden cart

Oh, yes... I am a goofball. You have been warned.

See you on the blog!


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