Alaskan Adventures

Here are some posts that may aid you in your desire to (fill in the blank Alaska thing) without grievous injury. Some light injuries? Now I can't promise anything there....


Only A Dip Goes Dipnetting

Like A Fool, Back to Dipnet

5 Ways Dopes Dipnet on Kenai Beach


Floating the Gulkana River: I survived!

Riding the Train

Anchorage to Denali by Rail: Only Slightly Less Exciting than Something Exciting

Handling the Wild Blue Tarp

A Man and His Blue Tarp: It's An Alaska Thing

Neighbor vs. Neighbor's Tarp

Oh Alaska! The 12 Tarps of Christmas

Fur Rendezvous

You Can Find the Fur Rendezvous Here

Running With the Reindeer


The Last Great Race

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