Monday, October 12, 2009

Welcome is as welcome does

Don't you just love before and after photos?  Our topic today: welcome mats and first impressions.

Yes, it does make a difference doesn't it?  Painting the door dark blue would be even better, but that's a project for next summer.  Makeovers are much in vogue right now, and this is an inexpensive, big impact one.  Think about what colors or designs you might like for a mat and what would set off the house color, or add some color if you have a beige or white house, and get out there and get shopping.  I picked up mine at Target in the Smith & Hawken section.  I have seen cute mats at Alaska Mill and Feed, too.  Spring has the best selection, fall the best prices.

What sort of impression do you get from the door with a mat compared to the door without one?  It is a totally different feel.  The entry to your house is the gateway to your lifestyle and is therefore very important in setting the tone you wish.  (If the tone you are going for is the trifle neglected, forlorn, home of many animals and/or persons, by all means, don't repair that deck squeak, wash the door down occasionally, or put out a welcome mat.)    
You can really get a feel for a neighborhood by looking at the front porch areas.  Next time you are out, notice the way you feel while driving through different neighborhoods.  Why do you feel that way?  Are the houses well kept on the outside?  Does the front door look welcoming?  Now take a look at your place and see how you feel.  If it doesn't bring a smile or satisfaction to you, consider a (new) doormat and some cleaning or editing of the space.

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