Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Something misty this way comes....

You could actually breathe the moisture in the air, it was so heavy.  Sort of like North Carolina minus, oh, about 40 degrees.  It made for some fun picture-taking weather though.

The Bergenia are coloring nicely.  Also pictured are Viburnum (several different kinds) and Geranium 'Johnson's Blue'.  And ornamental grasses, but of course (Deschampsia, Arrhenatherum, and Calamagrostis).

Take some pictures now while the weather is decent.  This winter when all the mail order mags start arriving, refer back to your photos.  They will be a reminder of what you need (something vertical, or bold, or evergreen, or with a blue flower, etc.) so you can focus, sometimes a difficult proposition while oggling all those botanical beauties in the catalogs.  "I want that! and that! and that! and that!!"  Am I right? 

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