Thursday, October 29, 2009

Frosty day

It was a wee bit chilly today.  Gloves and scarf weather, most definitely.  The hops vine was withered, crackly moose fodder (above).  The water has frozen solid in the rain chain (pictured below), much to the disappointment of the kids, who love to swing it around and empty the water out.  How does 20 degrees Fahrenheit sound?  Depends on what part of Alaska you call home.  Today that might seem cold for Juneau and warm for Fairbanks, but for me in Anchorage this morning, it sounded like reality.  Each degree of temperature lost becomes precious at a certain point and we are certainly at that point. 

Finding a silver lining in every (snow) cloud is important at this time of decreasing daylight hours and temperatures.  How about the lovely hoar frost on all the plants (pictured on Pinus mugo, below) this morning?  No?  Then perhaps this: at least I don't have to mow the lawn for another 7 months.  

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