Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"The snow is here!!"

For those of you that have seen the animated movie, "The Secret of NIMH," just substitute the word "snow" in the place of "plow" when Auntie Shrew is screeching "The plow is here!"  That's a bit how I feel today.  Yes, winter is truly here now.  Yesterday snow was on the mountains and the upper hillside.

Today, it's everywhere, and still coming down.  Even though it is still pretty dark at 9am at this time of year, I grabbed the camera to document the first dusting of the season (pictured on Bergenia).

If you will recall, after Auntie Shrew made the raucous proclamation mentioned above, pandemonium ensued.  Small animals were racing away from the plow as fast as they could.  It was a fearful, hysterical scene.  For those that haven't seen the movie, the animals are portrayed as quite intelligent little things, some with the intelligence of humans. They knew the farmer would plow the field in the fall, just like every year.  But most made no plans about it until the plow was bearing down on them. (Achillea 'Terracotta' pictured)

A bit like many Alaskans.  The snows come, and we know they will, just like every year.  We wait and wait until the bitter end (of autumn) to do those things that need doing before the snow flies.  For example, change out summer tires to snow tires.  Nope, I haven't done it yet either.  There is a considerable line at the tire changeover place (pictured below), and it's only going to get longer. 

We haven't gotten back our "driving-in-snow-legs" yet (a bit like sea legs, but you get the idea), they seem to take a few snows to kick in .  The sirens were wailing several times this morning.  Folks didn't slow down for the slick conditions, I suppose.  At the onset of winter, there are always cars in the ditch on the freeway.  We just aren't ready for the snow, some of us. 

But is the Alaskan gardener ready for the snow?  I find the first snows to be very beautiful in the garden, highlighting form and texture in a delicate way.  And hiding the tarp.  For gardeners, as always the proof is in the pudding.  How does your design hold up in winter?  Does your garden still capture your interest at a glance?  If the answer is in question, stay tuned for some winter design ideas coming soon....

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