Friday, October 9, 2009

Late night drive-in

Just wanted to let you all know the oft mentioned, always feared moose visitation happened last night.  It was around 10pm, so call it the moose equivalent of Taco Bell's "fourthmeal."  Two shady characters visited the front porch containers, not quietly.  There just isn't a way for hooves on a several-hundred-pound beast to be stealthy on a wooden deck.  Gardener's response to moose in the yard: "AAAAAAHHHHH!!!"  Non-gardener husband's response: dash upstairs to fling open a window and try out moose calls. 

Thankfully I practice what I preach, in this case copious and frequent dousings with Plantskyyd, or the damage might have been substantial.  Though this late in the season it is difficult to produce feelings of actual concern about something as fleeting as annuals.  Roll call of the casualties: one ornamental kale, one Pelargonium (Latin name for our gas station annual, the geranium).  Yup, that's it. 

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