Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pinwheel update: the posts are in for good, short of a hurricane

For those keeping track, I have had three sessions with my welding guru to work on the moose pinwheels.  I never dreamed when I came up with the concept that it would take so darn long and require so much effort.  The rebar posts have finally been installed, with the aid of an Eagle scout, an engineer, and a laborer.  Luckily, I am married to him and he had no choice. 

Additonal aid rendered by an ax, a hammer, a log (don't ask), a ladder, a post-hole digger, and a few choice phrases I will not repeat here.  You'd think after all this I was laying the foundation for the Sistine Chapel or something.  This is all I did:

Yup, that's it.  I have two more pinwheels to make.  After a couple of coats of epoxy on the pinwheel edges (to prevent any visitors from getting maimed on a windy day), I can move on to my next project.  And my welding wish finally came true: I did get to don the leather chap/apron (and strike a Charlie's Angels pose) at my latest welding session.   

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