Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This just in: Last Frontier Gardener finds home!

And perhaps just as important, a garden.  Some of you may recall that we recently sold our home (and my garden) of ten years.  For a refresher on my angst click here.  I have been gardenless (and homeless) for over a month.  Not homeless in the street person sense, but shoehorning four people into a one bedroom apartment doesn’t make me feel like calling this itty bitty place “home”.

snow 001

On the upside, our little rental does have a few perks.  I have the city bus schedule for a stop by our window memorized.  And for those looking to rent or buy in the area, the police response time is fantastic.  Three sirens a day is typical, but all bets are off on Friday or Saturday nights.  My record is eight in a row, but that included the ambulance and fire trucks, too.  I won’t mention the incident of the inebriated pedestrian falling into the road and getting hit across the street, but you get the idea by now.

Another perk, for some: we’ve got built-in babysitters.  My sister lives next door.  My brother lives upstairs.  And my mother’s office is two doors down.  We’re like the Clampett version of the Kennedys and their family compound in Massachusetts.  I’m trying to convince my other sister to move in, but strangely, inexplicably, she has resisted the idea so far.  Maybe she doesn’t want to babysit my kids.

And finally, the best perk of all, my vehicle now has a remote auto-start function.  So on those cold days (like the miserable, single digit weather we had last week) I can press a button in my apartment and my car starts, warms up, and manages not to get stolen before I get in it.  This delightful feature would never have been installed without the on-street parking we now enjoy.  A few weeks of the cold temps and the LFG hubby broke down and took the cars in for the old fixeroo.  Thank you, bitterly cold weather, thank you!

So I’ll be really sad to leave all this, as you can see.  But we are to sign our lives away (otherwise known as closing on a house) this week.  Wish me luck, or at least, a well with no arsenic in the water.

Any good reasons for living next to family?  On a busy street?


  1. You have listed the best reason, family and the worst, sirens. You also gave me my biggest grin of the day no doubt. You have also given me several reasons to stop and thank God for my many blessings. I do hope you get your papers all signed and get into your new digs soon. Do you get immediate possession or do you have to wait a couple of months?

  2. Congratulations! =) Will you take a snowy "before" picture against which to compare the wonders of a summer garden in 7 months? =) Very happy for you.

  3. You are delightfully crazy. Crazy crazy crazy. I prefer to warm up my car by pumping the garage full of CO and CO2--realy wakes you up in the morning, or, er, puts you back to sleep.

  4. Just look at all that snow. Brrr! It is a little scary to sign and commit to something so big as buying a house. Hopefully you will be planning that garden again soon.

  5. Arsenic in the water? Please. Tell me that is a joke!

    So, your new garden is bigger. And better?

  6. Lisa-hopefully we'll be in by next week.

    EE-arsenic has been found in some wells here in town.

    Thanks for the well wishes all.


  7. Congratulations! I hope everything goes well.

  8. Hi Christine, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I can't imagine what it's like to garden in Alaska so I will be following your progress with lots of interest. Good luck in your new home and garden, Christina

  9. Congrats to you and your family. It feels like your image here in the falls today. I can relate to all that snow. I am sure you are planning your garden even in this winter wonderland, but me, happy to have our first snow, but it was a lake effect with dropping temps and Buffalo got all the national press. Brrr.

  10. Hi Christine, I'm glad to hear you've found a home. I hope it's exactly what you were hoping for. And just think of all the family memories you'll have to look back on and laugh about. :)

  11. "I can press a button in my apartment and my car starts up"
    This is a wonderful invention.
    It has so many possibilities.God Bless Technology.

    I think you should have reciprocal button in the car that you push when you are close to home which puts the kettle on, runs a bath and cooks dinner.


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