Monday, November 22, 2010

The off season: hooray?

Alternatively entitled, “What to write about when there’s nothing to write about”, or possibly, “Winter blahs: yet again”.  There comes a time every year when I mentally scroll through blog posting ideas and come up with nada.  Zilch, zero, nothing.  With the temperatures hovering in the twenties (Fahrenheit), and the gravel encrusted snow as my muse, how could I come up short, you ask.

cabinwedding 033

Some of you preparedness nuts out there may remember I wrote about having a few posts on the back burner for situations just like this.  A glance at my rough drafts reveals that none are quite ready.  You’ll just have to wait for my soon-to-be-famous treatises on bunny boots, ice fishing, and snow shoes.  Some much needed research has to happen first.  I say that with heavy heart and a large dose of trepidation.  Just who looks forward to spending the day on a frozen lake with a fishing pole?  Perhaps my impending research will reveal the answer.

early winter 012

I have no inspiration to catalogue, no tours to sing the praises of, and no to-do tasks to share.  If it hasn’t been done by now, it’s frozen and not getting done until spring.  We’re not even in a “pretty” phase of winter, with a landscape looking as if it were dusted by white frosting.  No, no.  Imagine more of a blighted look, with a dash of grayish, dirty snow and complete with a repressed looking populace, clad in large coats and bad attitudes.  So I ask you, what do I write about?  I’ve got nothing….

What do you write about (or like to read about) in the off-season?  


  1. Pish to your lack of inspiration, I say

    That mountain looks nice.
    So does the sky.
    I am sure there is the odd picturesque moose leaning against a nearby lampost.
    Or tarpaulins
    Skidoo maintenance
    And I bet no all the snow contains gravel - nor all the gravel, snow

    I for one cannot wait for more wise words on fur trapping and ice fishing.
    Especially ice fishing as I have never experienced it outside cartoons where the hole is always a perfect circle: please do not disillusion us with photographs of oblong or uneven ice holes: that would make me reach for my large coat and baddest attitude.

  2. Hi Christine. All of us cold weather folks are going to be in the same boat about material for the blogs. I am dried up for material too. LOL! Winter must seem so long for you there and I think I get enough of it here. I would go bonkers in Alaska for certain. LOL!
    Wishing you a lovely and blessed Thanksgiving.

  3. Winter in a nutshell...

    I am looking forward to the explorations of ice fishing and snow shoes... :)

  4. Hello Christine,
    the Northern Tooth mushroom is growing on an old Ashtree. If the Emerald Ashborer does not kill the tree, this mushroom will:(
    What to write in off season?
    Please show more pictures of your beautiful State of Alaska.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  5. I've been wondering the same thing as this is my first winter blogging (only started last spring). Thus far I'm so far behind that I'm still posting old material from weeks (months) ago. But I worry about when I run out. Considering doing my history of gardening (my old gardens that is). Since I'm still new to blogging I figure I should give a little backstory on my gardening exploits.

  6. Celebrate the break. I'm glad I don't have to garden all year round. Happy American Thanksgiving.

  7. Christine, I wonder if the reason they put the Thanksgiving holiday at the end of November was because November is such a disgusting month in many parts of the country. I laughed when I read your post because I, too, have found myself trolling through draft post ideas looking for something that I could get quickly dusted off and ready for prime time. -Jean

  8. I'm looking forward to hearing about snow shoes.


  9. With gorgeous mountains like that to view and photograph, you don't need to write about anything. Bring on more photos for us masses. Is that inspirational enough for ja?

  10. You do exactly what you did and "write about nothing," Christine. Didn't Seinfeld become a big time millionaire for capitalizing on "nothing"?

    And you rival Seinfeld with your catchy, witty writing too. "Preparedness nuts" LOL.

  11. Just rest and take it easy..why not write about your Christmas preparation and decorations or anything to do with the coming festivities in your area..People like me from the tropics would love to know!

  12. Grace,

    I guess I can live with being Seinfeld of the garden blog world. If only it were as lucrative....


  13. looking forward to hearing about the bunny boots...intrigued..

  14. I give you all the credit in the world- it takes a strong person to get through an Alaskan winter!

  15. Dear Christine, Yes, you are definitely the Seinfeld of the garden bloggers! And I love Seinfeld. Anyway, that mountain is stunning!Pam x

  16. Simple. I don't write when I have nothing to say. This goes especially for the garden blog.


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