Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Five ways to know it’s pseudo spring

early summer bergenia 002

Yes, this is in retaliation for all those enjoying bona fide spring, not some false, perverse tease of mother nature before she dumps the next blizzard on us.  You all know I live in Alaska, right?  Good, I’m glad we cleared that up.  Hopefully, that will make you more forgiving, or at least, less inclined to notice the largish chip on my shoulder.

1. It’s only April, fool!  Long time Alaskans, called sourdoughs, will scoff at the newbie Alaskans (called cheechakos, no laughs from the peanut gallery now) assumption that a thaw in March/April means spring.  So sorry little greenhorn, that’s nature clowning again. 

2. Where’d the sidewalk go?  Mostly it’s under snow, still buried like my design hopes, tender green dreams, and any bulbs the previous owner may have planted at my new home.  Yeah, I doubt he planted any bulbs either, but this being fake spring, I’m hopeful.  You weren't planning on busting the sandals out for a little stroll, now were you?  Boots are still the wise choice.

3. Still no leaves. Don’t even think about the “s” word until the birch leaves are the size of…well, any size will do.  For now, they are still encased and in denial, as am I.

4. Subtle scent of dog poop. If it were actual spring, the odor would be as gentle as a moose being chased by a dog, as elusive as the scent of that milk you spilled in the car yesterday.
5. Kids under five are still sporting full-body winter armor.  You can hear them before you see them, swit, swit, swit.  I feel sorry for the little blighters.  Just try getting to the toilet in a hurry when you are encased in fluff, zippers, and snaps.  Snowsuits mean it’s not spring. 

Are you waiting for something impatiently?


  1. I seem to be hearing this lament from far and near. Where is spring? We're all SO ready for it but it remains aloof and downright cruel. I hope mother nature will take pity on us soon! Great post, as usual, except for the doggy poop part. LOL

  2. I can't make the toilet quick enough in just jeans. But I hold it and hold it so I can keep working.

  3. Hi Christine - what a not sort of spring! We had a week of nice weather and now it is below normal. I see snow...but, I know we will see spring before you do. I am trying to work up the enthusiasm to out to my little pink and yellow house and bring in some potting soil. I have an indoor tomatoe with 3 tomatoes. (under lights) - I need to put him in a bigger pot. Gloria

  4. We are getting snow tomorrow but I think it will arrive finally after that for us. Well I hope so anyway. I do have my first winter sowed sprouts which I posted on my blog today and a few things budding which I'll get photos of in the next couple days. Hope yours is there soon.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  5. The California poppy bloom. This time last year it was riotous, but we got a HUGE dump of snow (closing Yosemite NP) 9 days ago, so things have been pushed back. However, everyone's nicely watered, so unless they slid down one of the many landslides, should be good soon! Anyhow, when the hillsides west of Yosemite on the 140 corridor are blooming, it's SPRING!

  6. P.S. "swit swit swit" is PERFECT!! =)

  7. So funny as usual, Christine. You are in one place that gets spring later than us. I finally get to see the grass again, but who knows for how long.

  8. @Grace PetersonCome on now, Grace...we all know spring has arrived in Oregon! My jealousy of your weather prompted the post.

    @Benjamin Vogt,
    Just how does one pronounce your last name, sir? I've been wondering for awhile. You must have a well trained bladder. Mine is the size of a walnut.


    I am amazed at your ambition. Starting tomatos indoors is a must up here, but I cheat and buy starts at the greenhouse.

    @Sunray Gardening,
    Well, at least you're getting your snow over with, mine is still lurking like a fox at a carcass.


    That reminds me, I keep meaning to do California poppies at my place. I hear there are many lovely colors in addition to the common (but lovely) gold.


    I saw a tiny bit of dead turf on a median today: hurrah!


  9. Oh dear, still snowing?!!! Wish I could send some heat from here. We got lots of 'em here. LOL! I mean it already feels like summer, whereas it's just the beginning of Spring! [SIGH] Mother Nature has her ways.

  10. I hate to whine to you about our spring but no matter where you live when ice balls are bouncing off the newly laid mulch it is a bit much to take. I hope your area thaws out soon.

  11. My sister lived in Erie, PA for a long while and I thought it was hard enough for them to wait for Spring. If it was 50 degrees they rejoiced and put shorts on. I don't believe I have the fortitude to live in a cold climate - but neither do I want to live in a tropical one. I hope your Spring hurries along!

  12. I feel for you...and in case it helps just a little bit, things have so far been only marginally better here in Boston...

  13. Well if the bergenia in your title photo are blooming, you're having at least a little spring. Or was that just wishful thinking that you posted it there? When spring does come in Alaska, it must be spectacular though, isn't it?

  14. I live in Upstate NY and I am beginning to believe that I have been teleported to Alaska. I don't know how you all do this year to year.. lol

  15. @Chandramouli S,
    Please send about twenty degrees, ASAP!

    @Lisa at Greenbow,
    Wow, you got to lay some mulch down? I have a frozen bag in the backyard....

    It's been in the thirties, and I've already seen some teenaged boys sporting shorts. There always the first to don them every spring.

    @College Gardener,
    Yes, but in Boston they probably have fewer blue tarps...a good thing.

    Wishful thinking. A photo of dirty snow seems to repel readers, for some strange reason.

    @Indoor Fountains,
    Some people would say,'alcohol' but I say Alaska is just so darn beautiful I can't leave.


  16. We are not as far away from real Spring here in CT as you, but we are still waiting for the real thing to show. No tree leaves yet. Just a few crocus and the usual early Tete-a-tete narcissi. Old Man Winter is not leaving willingly.

  17. Hi Christine, if it is any consolation it is raining in England today....

    Mike, Dorset, no snow


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