Monday, July 19, 2010

Things I haven’t done

Now this list could go one of two ways.  The full personal revelation, chock full of not-yet-perpetrated scandal, or the dull notation of tasks my schedule has prevented me from attending to as of yet.  As this is (ostensibly) a family friendly gardening blog, I should probably opt for the latter as it is more relevant, though less sensational.  For the tidy and organized, the following list might be considered shocking, even revolting.  You have been warned.

yard 002

I haven’t: 

1.  decided on a menu.  Yes, the garden tour at my place, occurring on the fifth of August, needs finger foods and beverages.  Suggestions welcome.  This is supposed to be a posh event (well, as posh as Alaska garden tours go), and a fundraiser for the Alaska Botanical Garden, so the LFG hubby’s suggestion of spray-on cheese and crackers is rejected.

yard 027

2.  weeded the side yard that faces the road.  Can you blame me?  I never (well hardly ever) even see it.  The dandelions and clover are invading the gravel.  I should have done this one a month ago.  Wait, I did.  It needs it again.  Ah, gardening….

yard 026

3.  replaced plants that didn’t survive the winter.  Yes, I am that lazy.  I can think of at least a half a dozen glaring holes in the garden, some with dead foliage still intact.  At least perennials are on sale now.

yard 022

4.  tidied up the deck.  That spare tank of propane for the grill, snow shovel, bird seed containers, etc. are still cluttering up the back deck.  Nothing says “well kept garden” like propane containers littered about.

yard 024  5.  gotten rid of that brush pile.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t currently lying atop my outdoor table, smack in the middle of the yard.  It does look a little casual that way, doesn’t it?

I’m sure there are other things to numerous to mention but if the list gets any longer I will lose all motivation.  Some random, more personal things I haven’t done (as a reward for those of you that stuck around): held up a bank, shaved my head, tiptoed through the tulips, or eaten guacamole.

What haven’t you done?


  1. What haven't I done?? How much time do you have??

    Thanks for your honest post! Glad to hear I'm not the only one falling behind my ambitions! :-)


  2. darn, i was hoping to read about some not-yet-perpetrated scandals :) best wishes on your upcoming garden tour. i'm sure your place will look absolutely stunning.

    we had three huge brush piles that are our nemesis. We discovered them we first moved here. i swear we keep finding the oddest things buried deep down underneath all the brush. so far we've uncovered a broken kayak, a swivel desk car, and as of yesterday, a bike. i'd like Calgon to come and take them away.

    oh, btw, i suggest raw sugar snap peas drizzled with a little sesame oil and sprinkled with some toasted sesame seeds as a yummy, easy, finger food.

    looking forward to reading about how your tour went!

  3. I bet it looks great there. I have piles of things that I don't know what to do with and they all go the side yard that doesn't have a window facing it. I still haven't replanted the bulbs I dug up a couple of months, I think I'm secretly hoping the squirrels will take them because I don't know where to plant them.
    I'm sure your garden will look beautiful and you'll have some great fingerfoods. Good luck with the tour!

  4. Christine, you need one of those nannys who come in and get everything done - Is there such a thing as a "garden nanny" - I have full faith that you will get it done. But, this snacks for event - shouldn't some volunteer do that? How about spray on cheese, crackers and since it is posh add pimento?

  5. Was cracking up when I read the title, was thinking about doing just the same thing. Some how it makes not doing the tasks seem OK since it inspired a blog post. Love it!

  6. This gave me a giggle. This seems like a short list to me. You would faint if you saw what sort of list is prepared for the front garden here. It is a wreck. Thank goodness there is no garden tour expected here. Good luck with your eats. I think a libation is called for. One can get very 'relaxed' while touring. ;)

  7. Gaucamole? But I guess you do get avocados shipped/flown to Alaska? Or is it just that you don't like it? Have a look at Our Friend Ben/Poor Richard's Almanac for food. There you will find Silence's recipe for made-it-myself pimiento cheese spread. And yes, where are your volunteers, when you need them.

  8. I thought everyone had this unfinished list. LO! I still have seedling I have never potted up yet. Ugh! If I keep waiting then it will be too late.Maybe that is what I am waiting on LOL!

  9. Nothing says well kept garden like propane tanks littered about --- Ha! I love it. It's all so discouraging to realize the gardens take work. Where are those lazy good for nothing garden fairies when you need them to tidy things up?

  10. I find i am much more content if i list the few things I have done rather than the long list of undones! This time of year the garden is fortunate if i get out to pull a handful of weeds. It's just too hot and humid to be out for long.

  11. Your list is not dissimilar to mine. I have dead branches to prune, empty spots to fill in, and piles of weeds to pick up. On the odd occasion that I pick them out, I just leave them in random piles here and there. Pretty classy lol. I suggest mini pitas with hummus, cuke, tomato and maybe a little goat cheese?

  12. wow, i guess there would be a lot of work going into preparing for a garden tour. Sounds fun - both to host and to tour! I'm sure you'll get it done, but seriously, I enjoy seeing the chores other gardeners need to do - kind like those pages in tabloid magazines of celebrities doing "real" things. Gives some perspective. ;) Have a great time.

    And as a side note, I'd love spray cheese and crackers. Especially if I could spray my own.

  13. nothing like a garden tour as incentive for getting things done :)

  14. Hello Christine,

    If you hadn't pointed out certain spots in your garden, I wouldn't have noticed them ;-)

    I need to weed a bit, but am waiting until the kids start school next week :-)

  15. Christine, Christine! If you could only see my pathetic garden. You are in sooo much better shape than I am at this point!

  16. Christine, My list is much longer than yours! But you made me feel better that I'm not the only one with unfinished gardening business. Pam

  17. Christine, you are one step ahead of me, i havent even gotten round to preparing a list of things i havent done there such a thing as spray-on cheese?

  18. Loved your list, Christine. There's no point in putting that snow shovel away now; you're going to need it again soon! Maybe you could just get one of those bright blue tarps to cover up the propane tank, shovel, etc. :-) -Jean


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