Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fab Fall, part 2

You know how the sequel is rarely as good as the original? No matter how much hype surrounds one, you are almost always disappointed. This sequel is no exception. In the interests of full disclosure, I actually wrote "fab fall" on September 9th. On that same night, I realized that dial-up internet is not ideal for posting pictures (or anything else). The situation remedied today, I set out to publish my posting. It was woefully out of date I found, both literally and seasonally. For alas, I have received the news from no less a person than "Miss Lou," our postal carrier, that tomorrow is the end. Of fall, that is. It is supposed to snow. Yes, I spied the "termination dust" on the mountains a couple of days ago, but I had no reason to believe it would be upon us in Anchorage so soon. I think last year we almost made it to Halloween without snow!

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