Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello from Kenai, Alaska

Twice a year or so, I avail myself of the lazy garden chronicler’s privelege and post a picture worth a thousand words.  This is one of those times.  Some photo ops are too unique to pass up and this pub in Kenai had a stunning bit of artwork painted right outside the door.  The stunning part is no one has filed a complaint.  If this doesn’t capture the spirit of that fair fishing town, I’m open to suggestions.

Copy of fishing 056

Would you try to sneak into this bar if you were underage?  What memorable “artwork” have you seen lately?


  1. That's a nice one.... ~bangchik

  2. This is one for the books. It would certainly make a younun think twice about entering. ha.. I haven't seen anything near that interesting around here.

  3. Hope no one files a complaint - that is seriosuly funny. Must look out for memorable artwork although nothing much passes the PC police here


  4. Um well, this one is memorable all right, Christine. LOL

    I've got a bunch of mural and sign photos I'm saving for winter blogging. One of the more memorable ones is a painted car with a flying cat on the hood and swimming dolphins on one of the sides. The other side has paintings I can't quite comprehend.

    I just love having my small, portable camera. I'm always snapping photos these days and I love seeing the photos other people, like yourself capture. Great job friend!

  5. Funny indeed, but sort of violent?

  6. Ha! Love it. Thanks for giggle. :D

  7. Oh, I think I would like this pub ;-)

  8. Thank goodness I'm of age! I think I would actually confess my real age in this territory.

  9. Thanks for posting a good laugh.


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